Thursday, November 21, 2019

Air pollution come along with urban development Essay

Air pollution come along with urban development - Essay Example China, like Indonesia and MÃ ©xico, is an emerging economy where air pollution in large cities causes significant health problems and is part of the nation’s priorities. Tackling air pollution not only curbs the degradation of air quality, but also promotes economic growth through the reduction of extra operating costs in public, businesses, households, and industry sectors. However, urban center reshaping results in greater livability regardless of the city’s geographic location. The debate on urban air pollution is far from over with both sides, making all efforts to prove their point. As the debate on air pollution becomes heated, many are left asking: should we stop urban development to protect our atmosphere? Logan, a senior research scientist in the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, argues that the adoption of environmental regulation, economic reform, and energy policy controls air pollution even with urban development. Logan completed a study in which he showed that through dramatically reversing local and global air pollution in China, coal consumption lowered as the consumption of oil, natural gas and electricity rose. Consequently, there was a drastic decline in the consumption of air pollution emissions by about 20% and a corresponding decline in carbon dioxide emission by 15%. In his study, Logan (42) investigated the tradeoff between air pollution and economic growth to indicate how breaking away with the coal-based past through adoption of economic reforms, environmental policies and targeted energy reduced sulfur and other air pollutants. The study indicated a positive correlation between fiscal reforms and definite policies on environment and energy and reduced levels of carbon emissions, particulate, and sulfur. A different study conducted by in 2014 (Cunningham) confirmed that China being the world’s largest coal producer and consumer continually

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