Friday, November 22, 2019

8 Tips for Effective Revision

8 Tips for Effective Revision 8 Tips for Effective Revision If youve got exams coming up, youll probably be hard at work revising. But how can you ensure that your time spent revising is worthwhile? Weve prepared our top 8 revision tips to help you get in shape for those tests! 1. Start with Good Notes Ok, so this might not help you now, but its definitely something you can do going forwards. Make sure you take clear, legible notes in class so that when you come back to them they make sense! Try highlighting them with a color-coding system as part of your revision. It really helps you to make sense of them. 2. Make a Revision Timetable If youve got several tests to revise for, it might be helpful to make a timetable so that you can make sure you are spending enough time on each subject. Stick it up on your wall and try to follow it. 3. Take a Break When making your timetable, make sure you add in breaks. Ideally, you should have a 5-minute break once every half hour. Get up, stretch, have a cup of coffee, or go for a walk outside. Taking regular breaks will help your brain to function more effectively. 4. Sort Out your Revision Space The first thing you should do before revising is to tidy your revision space. If it is clear and uncluttered, you will find it much easier to work. 5. Dont Memorize, Summarize! Dont just re-read your notes, try making a summary of them in your own words. This will help you to remember them as you will have to process the words rather than simply reading them. Its surprising how much you can read whilst daydreaming! 6. Use Past Papers Your course tutor will probably be able to provide you with some past papers if you ask. There might even be some available on the Internet. Make sure you time yourself and use proper exam conditions. 7. Use Visual Aids If you have a visual brain, you might find it helpful to create charts or infographics. Doodling the main facts out can be a great way of making summaries of your notes. The funnier these are, the more you should remember the information! 8. Eat, Sleep, Run! Dont forget that your body needs fuel, rest, and exercise for your brain to function well. Dont be tempted to cram all night before a test. Plan out your revision for a few weeks before the test and dont do any revision at all the day before. Instead, go for a swim, eat well and go to bed early. Have a banana and plenty of water for breakfast and your brain will be on top form!

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