Monday, February 17, 2020

Obesity Epidemic Its Link with Physical Inactivity and Lack of Research Paper

Obesity Epidemic Its Link with Physical Inactivity and Lack of Exercise - Research Paper Example This essay "Obesity Epidemic – Its Link with Physical Inactivity and Lack of Exercise" describes how inactivity or lack of exercise contributed to the obesity epidemic in our country. Surveys have shown that more than 1 in 3 Americans have excess body fat (Collins). Not only are the rates of obesity high but also are the amounts of physical inactivity and sedentary behavior. Data from CDC (2014) shows that in 2013, only 29% of children from high school had participated in physical activity for a minimum of 60 minutes per day on each of the seven days before the survey was conducted. The data also showed that about 15.2% students from high school had not participated in any kind of phsycial activity for 60 or more minutes on any day during the seven days prior to the survey. The CDC (2014) states that with age, the participation of young people in physical activity declines. Furthermore, its survey has shown that less than half of the students from high school attended physical education classes in an average week. Studies have shown that leisure activity and sports levels have remained stable worldwide but these leisure activities represent only a minor portion of the total levels of daily physical activity. The physical activity associated with transportation, home and work has reduced due to social changes, technological advancements and economic development (Harvard School of Public Health). While in 1950 in the USA, 30% Americans worked in occupations involving high activity, the percentage dropped to 22% in 2000.

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